Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 19 - Shingles and Weatherproofing!

The shingles are on the roof!  Everyone building with Ryan knows this is an important step; now that the roof is complete, the work inside can begin (and weather delays should be nonexistent now).  A close up look at the front of our house shows that the preliminary wiring for our electric meter on the front of the house has been installed.  A close up look at the back of our house shows that the ductwork for the HVAC system has begun.  Also, the weatherproofing wrap has been almost completely installed, save for the middle section on the front.  All of our (exterior) doors and windows have also been installed.

One of the most interesting things we noticed on our visit today was that half of the houses in our row have chosen the 4th bedroom option for the entry level.  When we made our selections, our SR said he didn't think anyone else had chosen that yet, and because of that we've never been able to see one in person.  We thought it was interesting that so many people in our row decided to get it, including our immediate neighbors on both sides.  I guess we all think alike!  (You can tell who chose the bedroom vs. the rec room by the windows placed on that level.)

The backyard area of our row is also graded extremely high, apparently much higher than it will eventually be in order to allow the lift to travel around the unit.  That, along with all the mud from all of our recent wet weather, made it very difficult for a nine-months pregnant woman to get a good look at the back of the house.

We are also very excited that our pre-drywall meeting will take place this coming week.  It will be our first time inside the house, so we can't wait!

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