In our community, exterior colors are pre-determined  (each row of homes features one of three color combinations and the different combinations vary throughout the community).  Our home will have Sandy Tan siding, a Red door and Red shutters, and a stone kneewall, like the house above.  Aside from color, our home will actually look like the house below, except that it will be reversed (garage and bay window on the right).

Our home will have the same exterior features as this house, specifically the bay window, porch roof, garage door, and stone kneewall, except in reverse! The bay window, garage, and driveway will be on the right, and the front door and porch will be on the left.  Our house will have Sandy Tan siding and a Red door and shutters.


Our Kitchen Cabinet, Kitchen Countertop, Hardwood, and Carpet choices

Our Kitchen choices:
Cabinets, Countertop, Backsplash, and Listello

Our Carpet and Resilient Flooring choices (Kitchen Cabinet choice in the back)

Our Master Bath selections:
Cabinets, Countertop, Floor and Wall tile, Listello, and Carpet from Master Bedroom

Hall and Basement Bath selections:
Cabinets, Countertop, Floor and Wall Tile, Listello, and Carpet from Hallway


Our Kitchen Backsplash, Listello, Countertops, and Cabinets

Close-up of our Kitchen Backsplash and Listello choices

Our hardwood choice - entire main floor - Living Room, Kitchen, Morning Room


Main Floor Hardwood (Living Room, Kitchen, Morning Room, Powder Room):
Armstrong - Rural Living - Deep Java - 1/2" x 5" - ERH5302  (Level B)

Carpet (Upper Floor, Basement Bedroom, and all Stairs):
Shaw - Favorite Choice - Macaroon - NV143  (Level C)
with Upgraded 8lb Pad  - Defender 7/16" (Level A)

Kitchen Countertop:
Granite - New Caledonia (Upgrade 1)

Product Image
Kitchen Backsplash Tile:
Parkway Gray - 6x6 - PK98 (Level B)
(The backsplash will include 4 rows of the listello below.)
Grout - Oyster Gray

Product Image
Kitchen Backsplash Listell0:
4 Rows - Marvel Whimsical - 5/8" x 5/8" - MV20
(Mosaic of stone, glass, and metal.  The shades look much more gray in real life.)
Grout - Oyster Gray

Scottsdale Maple Espresso
Kitchen & Master Bath Cabinets:
Timberlake - Scottsdale Maple Espresso (Upgrade 1)

Andover Thermofoil White
Hall and Basement Bath Cabinets:
Timberlake - Andover White (Upgrade 1)

Product Image
Bathroom Floor Tile (all bathrooms):
Stratford Place - Dorian Gray - 12x12 - SD94 (Level C)
Grout - Oyster Gray

Product Image
Bathroom Wall Tile (all bathrooms):
Stratford Place - Dorian Gray - 10x14 - SD94 (Level C)

(The wall tile will include 2 rows of the listello below.)
Grout - Oyster Gray

Product Image
Bathroom Listello (all bathrooms):
2 Rows - Stratford Place - Universal Mosaic Blend - 2" x 2" - SD95
Grout - Oyster Gray

Laundry Room Resilient (Vinyl) Flooring:
Armstrong - Initiator - Glenville Creme - 66180  (Level A)

Hall and Basement Bath Countertops:
Cultured White Marble

Railing/Stair Stain:
Deep Java

Shoe Moulding:


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