Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 1 - Finding our Forever Home

Welcome to our blog!  We are so excited about building our new Strauss with Ryan Homes, and we've been inspired and greatly helped already by all of the great Ryan Homes building blogs out there.  We are hoping we may be able to provide some information that is just as helpful to someone else as well as document our building journey.

We named our blog Sinfonia Domestica because one of the first things that just "felt right" about the Strauss was that it was named after the favorite composer of my husband, a classical musician.  Sinfonia Domestica is a symphony written by Strauss for a large orchestra.  The music is all about his harmonious life with his family, particularly his wife and young son.  This really seemed like a special connection to us as we currently have a 7 (and half or so) month old son whom we adore, and we also have a daughter on the way!

We have been looking for a home for our growing family for a while now, but we've wanted to really wait until we found our perfect home, our forever home.  We've seen many houses, and we just have never gotten that feeling.  We had ruled out new construction early on due to both our budget and the scarcity of new construction in our area.  Over Thanksgiving weekend, during which we had purposefully taken a break from the ever-more-stressful house hunting, on a whim, we happened upon a new Ryan Homes townhouse community in the area we had been hoping to move to and simply thought it might be fun to look through the model and dream a bit without the stress of "actually looking".  We were unexpectedly in love at first sight.  We knew almost immediately we had found our dream house, and when we found out it was something we could actually afford, well, it just felt right - a dream come true.

Our Ryan Homes townhouse community is relatively new and selling at a rapid pace.  While we were looking through the model, we personally witnessed at least two other couples choosing lots and putting down deposits.  We looked through the model, a Mozart, extensively.  After we got all of the information and floorplans, we knew we wanted a Strauss for the extra living space it would provide for our growing family.  Our extremely helpful (and busy!) sales rep let us know that while there was not a model of the Strauss, there was a recently completed Strauss with many of the options we wanted that was being readied for closing, and he let us look through it.  We knew we had definitely found our forever home after seeing that house.  We looked through and discussed the details for a couple of hours, and then we went home to think some more.  We were back before close that evening to officially choose our lot and to put down a deposit on our family's forever home.